Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When what makes you happy is a baby, a potato and a suitcase

Sunday - July 5
A rest day per se.

We stayed in the house, played in the yard and slept till late. NB set a hammock with grandpa, played a lot with the dog and ate a lot of berries from the garden. He picked vegetables from their small vegetables garden and for the first time (ever!) ate a potato. We were sure it is b/c the local potatoes are tastier than those at home, however grandma NS said that these are Israeli potatoes….

The great achievements of the day
  • We started thinking about where to go to around the village and after leaving the village
  • JB and NaB came from Moscow with the baby!
  • JB and NaB came from Moscow with our main suitcase!
Weather got a bit colder and there were two big showers during the day - during one of which grandpa got stuck in the produkti (grocery shop). He brought local strawberries for NB who enjoyed them a lot and very sweet kvas.

We finished the day with a bonfire at the backyard and given the light till 22:00 we didn't even pay attention how late it got. A quick shower (NB's feet were dark of mud), the regular drama around teeth brushing and off to bad!

We found that there is a nice historical city 30 something Km from here and aim at it tomorrow or the day later (Mon museum is closed and on Wed there is an inauguration with some local dances or something similar) - so we'll have to find what to do tomorrow and the day after.

Had an amazingly tasty (very sweet) homemade wine from Krasnodar's area (home of JB). The family says it's very similar to classic Russian (Kagor) wine. 

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